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The fine print....there are some conditions, detailed below:

  1. EE Rewards only apply when the order is paid in full at the time the order is placed, i.e. does not apply to orders on account. Teachers are able to allocate their purchases to their school or preschool and will receive EE Rewards, however, the order must be paid in full at the time the order is placed.
  2. Subject to (1) above, EE Rewards will apply only when the GST-inclusive value of the order (excluding freight charges) is $60 or more.
  3. EE Rewards do not apply to Nienhuis Montessori items – these are pre-order only.
  4. For any items out of stock, we will contact you and give you the following options: (a) place item(s) on backorder, or (b) receive a full refund. Note: Backorders are sent free of freight charges when the item becomes available. If you choose to be refunded, the value of the order will be adjusted (and therefore the number of EE Rewards given) and if the new total is not above $60, EE Rewards will not apply to that order.
  5. We reserve the right to exclude certain items from qualifying purchases. Sometimes our special prices will be so special that adding further discount is not sensible.
  6. If you allocate EE Rewards to a school or preschool that is not currently a customer of Every Educaid, we will contact them to advise they have accrued EE Rewards with us.
  7. EE Rewards can be used by current Every Educaid customers to purchase resources. Currently this cannot be done online - you will have to call, email or fax to use your EE Rewards.
  8. EE Rewards can only be used to purchase resources and cannot be used to pay an account.
  9. On a regular basis, schools and preschools with accumulated EE Rewards will be advised of their EE Rewards balances.
  10. There is no expiry on EE Rewards, but we do ask that a reasonable effort is made to ensure they are used within 12 months of being granted.


Please contact us if you have any questions/comments: 03 365 6675, toll free 0508 807 654,

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