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preschool photo

preschool photo from a drone

outdoor playground at a preschool

circular sandpit at a preschool

wooden toolshed with tool in a preschool

wooden work bench outside at a preschool

kids rubber road outside at a preschool

table setting for kids at a preschool

window seat with pillows and toys underneath at a preschool

plastic animals on a shelf at t preschool

wooden construction area at a preschool

babies playroom at a preschool

coloured pencils on an art trolley in a preschool

Miniwhais believe the more that technology develops, the more children need real connections with people and nature. Their outdoor environment is framed by a lake and the breathtaking Brynderwyn Ranges, creating a sanctuary like setting, where children are happily learning in an unrushed and unhurried manner.

Children are offered opportunities to learn though play and connecting with nature, each other and their teachers, exploring the world around them, the people within it, their differences and their role as our world's next generation of caretakers.

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