The great pj wearing holiday begins! If you’re camping out at home these holidays do your children live in their pjs?
Ours sure did (me included)! I used to dread anyone calling in as we hunkered down for a long uninterrupted stretch of unscheduled down time!

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing better than boredom. I used to love watching for the tipping point. That’s where the magic begins.
The ability to handle boredom, to think outside the box, not surprisingly, is correlated with the ability to focus and to self-regulate.
In short boredom is brilliant! 
Down the road the ability to engage in free thinking can lead to all sorts of brilliant works of art, inventions and scientific breakthroughs.

I loved this capture by @courtneyadamo . “Hasn’t taken those jammies off all week”. Living the good life xox