Not A Box!
Day 2 of the school holidays. How are you all coping?!
If you’re looking for simple ideas you 
could set up a ‘maker space’ for your children. A great way to reduce, reuse and recycle the contents of your recycling bin! 
Most of us get our first taste of the allure of a box on our child’s first birthday. We all know that feeling as they toss aside our carefully selected gift in favour of the box it came in! these ideas are potentially mess making and may last for days...
Embrace the mess. It gives you an opportunity for a quiet cuppa! If you’d like to add some bling to your box creations we have hundreds of art supplies in the Art section of our website.

Epic captures by these talented folks: Hector’s Town @minimadthings
Forest house @tintaluhrman, DIY mini animal storage @play_at_home_mummy , Bunny diorama @redvioletstudio , Colourful layer house @artful_play , Painted playhouse @homegrownfriends xox