Are your children trying to pull the wool over your eyes these holidays?
Pretending Mr Nobody ate the chocolate biscuits, that they’ve all had showers and definitely changed their undies?!

Here are some awesome holiday ideas for your yarn spinning tribe....

Wow your toddlers into days of hand and finger strengthening work by wrapping a chair in wool (from Granny or Every Educaid).First watch their faces when they discover the chair! Gift them a pair of their very own child sized scissors (from Every Educaid of course) and a large box or basket to collect their cuttings. Thank you to @creationspaceyeg for this totally cool project! xox
Once you have released your chair of all its wool, the cuttings can be used as collage pieces to either stick to contact on a window or glue onto cardboard using PVA. Thank you to @kidsarethebombdiggity for this great idea xox
Older children might enjoy working with wool and cardboard to create their own wall art. Simply cut shapes, or letters (e.g. LOVE, PEACE, your name) colour the cardboard and wrap with wool. Initials make great gift tags for birthday presents for friends. Thanks to @minimadthings for the gorgeous heart idea. We loved the collection of Matariki Stars from @meganhoskin_teacher. Pompoms are my all time favourite wool project! Here are a couple of super easy ways to make them from things in your recycling bin: cardboard tubes from @themakermum and cardboard pattern pieces from @artbarblog. I loved the pompom and ribbon mobile from @artbarblog . An equally gorgeous gift for a new born as a project for a teenager. 
Combine a nature walk with crafting and collect sticks to make beautiful nature music wands like these from @_simply_bea_ or Godseyes like these from @artbarblog. Xox Another amazing hand workout idea from @three_busy_boys. Loved these wool wrapped foil characters xox

Thank you to all of you talented creatives big and small for sharing your crafty cleverness with the universe xox