Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths

A national strategic plan for Science in Society, known as 'A Nation of Curious Minds' - He Whenua Hiriri te Mahara - a partnership between the Ministry of Education, MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) and the Prime Minister’s chief scientific officer, has been launched to raise awareness of the importance of science and technology among young people.

There is a high demand for innovative thinkers in the NZ and global workforce and the Ministry of Education’s head of early learning and student achievement Lisa Rodgers says NZ schools do a great job inspiring curiosity for science and technology.

The focus for our 2016-17 catalogue is STEM resources (or STEAM, if you include Art!). In fact, the first 362 pages of our catalogue are dedicated to STEAM!

So why the STEM push? Click here for an interesting article by Michelle Curran.

Could your school have a STEM focus? Click here for the answer!

See below for a small selection of our hands-on STEM Kits and activities to excite and engage your students.

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Early Years STEM Kits 5yrs+


Click on the links below to see details on each Early Years STEM Kit resource:


Sink/Float Activity Set
Simple Machines Activity Set
Force & Motion Activity Set
Magnets Activity Set
STEM Robot Mouse Coding Set (DUE NOV)

Brainbox 1288 Set
Junior Engineer - Vehicles
Gear Up
Magic Gears
Gears Super Building Set
Marble Run




Upper Primary STEM Kits


Click on the links below to see details on each Upper Primary STEM Kit resource:


Zometool Advanced Creator 4
Primary Electricity Kit
Primary Electrics Kit
Simple Machines Set
Big Wheel of Effects

Klikko School Set
CitiBlocs Set of 200
Polydron Frameworks Class Pack
Polydron Frameworks Geometry Set




Weather Science Fun!


Click on the links below to see details on each Weather Science resource:


Sunprint Kit
Sunprint Refill Kit
Glow Stones
Solar Science
Solar Power
Kidz Labs - Weather Lab
Green Science - Weather

Green Science - Weather Station
Magnetic Water Cycle (DUE NOV)
Water Cycle Simulator (DUE NOV)
Rain Gauge - Wall Mounted
Rain Gauge - In-ground
Mini Parachute
Wacky Whirler




SICK Science
With over 130 million views on YouTube, SICK Science® became an internet sensation in 2010 and has been growing ever since. We're excited to offer some of Steve Spangler’s most popular SICK Science experiments as hands-on science kits for school. Each kit comes with the materials you'll need to conduct the experiments featured in the original video plus access to video of Steve Spangler serving as your personal teacher as he explains the science behind each of the activities.


Click on the links below to see details on each SICK Science resource:


Slick Tricks
Solve This
Fast Physics
Colour Chem
Snow Colours
Water Vanish

Snot Science
Fizz Pop Boom
Fizz Boom
Bubble Blast
Rainbow Straws




Science Wiz Kits
The Award Winning Science Wiz line stemmed from Dr. Penny Norman’s volunteer work in her children’s schools and her Science Wiz Afterschool and Summer programs. Each kit is created with the goal of teaching fundamental scientific concepts to children through hands-on play. Each includes a large manual and materials to complete numerous experiments. You’ll find links to intriguing videos, animations and information that will amuse, astonish, enrich and extend the content in the book and kit.


Click on the links below to see details on each Science Wiz Kit resource:



Chemistry Plus